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Our Business is Your Success

Debbie Singh

The rigour and discipline of this program, combined with the quality and calibre of teachers, made my experience at The Chang School exceptional. There was mutual learning and a shared exchange of ideas. It ignited a passion in me for lifelong learning, and motivated me to become a member of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) and complete numerous designations, and then to go on to complete my master’s degree and PhD.

– Debbie Singh
Executive Vice President, People & Culture
Canadian Cancer Society
Certificate in Human Resources Management

Kevin Chapman

Privacy is a critical issue that crosses industry lines. At the TDSB, we deal with a lot of student information and we are outsourcing a lot of resources to cloud-based solutions, so that led me to pursue this certificate program. The Chang School was the only local university or college offering a certificate that fit my interests, had instructors with practical knowledge from working in the field, and included a capstone course focused on applied learning.

– Kevin Chapman
Licensing and Policy Specialist
Certificate in Privacy, Access, and Information Management

Jenifer Maney

In The Business of Cannabis (CZEN 420), I had the opportunity to create a business plan for my idea at the intersection of cannabis and tourism. This was the first time I was able to develop my business idea as part of a university-level course, have my plan evaluated, and make improvements based on expert feedback. Also, the guest speakers who shared their real-world experience working in the industry, and the site visit to an operating cannabis LP, added immense value to my learning experience.

– Jenifer Maney
Microbusiness Mentor
CZEN 420 - The Business of Cannabis