Course Description

This course is intended to engage students in hands-on applications of big data analytics methods and techniques in a project setting. Working with a faculty supervisor, students will apply big data analytics in respect to their real-world area of interest by using open source data.


The deadline to enroll in CIND820 for Spring term is May 2, 2022.

Students will also not be allowed to swap between sections of the Data Analytics courses after the above date.

You must download the X2Go Client and Microsoft Remote Desktop in order to access the software needed to complete the requirements for this course. Prior to your first class, you are strongly advised to test the computer you plan to use, as machines operated using a third-party administrator (such as laptops provided by a workplace) may not allow access to the required software/download(s). 

International students should use their own virtual private network (VPN) software to connect to University resources.



Prerequisite: IND405 or CMTH642

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May 02, 2022 to Aug 06, 2022
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Domestic Fee non-credit $1,027.86 Click here to get more information
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