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This course outlines the basics of copy editing: consistency, correctness, and clarity. It is useful for people interested or working in any area of publishing and document preparation, including books, journals, reports, and newsletters. The emphasis is on ways to communicate the author's message clearly and effectively to the reader. Specific topics include the editorial process; the author-editor relationship; house style and style sheets; editing on hard copy and on-screen; useful reference works; common problems in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word usage; common issues in stylistic editing, such as reducing wordiness, editing to length, adjusting language level, and improving sentence variety; avoiding bias; editing titles and headings; editing captions, figures, tables, and maps; preparing preliminary pages and end matter, including notes, bibliographies, and appendices; conventions of different kinds of publishing; design considerations; an introduction to proofreading; editing indexes; and the job market.


To enter CDPB 102, ideally you will score 80 or higher on this Diagnostic Grammar Test (Word document). This is a self-administered test to help you determine whether you should take Practical Grammar and Punctuation (CDPB 312) first.

This is a closed-book test. Give yourself 30-45 minutes to complete it. Once you have completed the test, please see the Diagnostic Grammar Test Marking Sheet for solutions.

If you score between 70 and 80 and decide to proceed directly into Copy and Stylistic Editing I, please review grammar basics (see Practical Grammar by Maxine Ruvinsky). Under 70: we highly recommend that you take Practical Grammar and Punctuation (CDPB 312) before tackling CDPB 102.

Note: This course is offered in the Spring/Summer term as part of 'Publishing Intensive' (CDPB 999). 

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May 04, 2020 to Jul 25, 2020
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