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Deepen your understanding of the key aspects of public sector management and leadership.

Governments need employees who know how societies and economies work and who care about delivering quality service and advice. They are also seeking people who are potential leaders and who will guide colleagues by their example and expertise. To meet this demand, The Chang School and Ryerson University’s Department of Politics and Public Administration have developed this certificate for individuals who already have a degree from a recognized university.

Focus on key areas of:

  • policy development
  • public sector finance
  • collaborative governance
  • intergovernmental affairs
  • program evaluation
  • e-government
  • administrative law
  • the nature and style of leadership in the public sector

What Will You Learn?

Some of the topics explored by courses include:

  • key issues in today’s rapidly evolving public sector
  • the Canadian public policy-making process: formulation, implementation, and evaluation
  • contemporary social, economic, and environmental policy
  • public sector leadership in a comparative context (Canadian, other Westminster systems, republican regimes)
  • the statutory and regulatory basis of Canadian public administration
  • institutional and procedural practices of administrative tribunals and judicial reviews
  • public sector planning and budgetary processes
  • financial management systems within governmental organizations
  • mechanisms for ensuring accountability
  • approaches to organization and bureaucracy in advanced industrial societies
  • the effect of information technologies on the distribution of power and control in the workplace
  • the use of partnerships between government and other agents in the delivery of public goods
  • planning and evaluation of government programs
  • deployment of information and communication technologies (ICT) in public administration
  • e-government policy, e-administration, e-service, and e-democracy
  • national unity and regional diversity

Who Should Take This Certificate?

This certificate is for students who already have an undergraduate degree and wish to deepen their understanding of key aspects of public sector management and leadership.

You may be interested if you:

  • have a non-Arts degree (in Science, Engineering, Architecture, Business, Social Work, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing, etc.) and are working in government or the nonprofit sector
  • have an Arts degree (in Criminology, Economics, English, History, Psychology, Sociology, etc.), but have not studied Canadian political science or public administration
  • want to pursue graduate studies in public administration
  • want to pursue a career in the public or parapublic sector

Who Teaches the Courses?

Many of our instructors are faculty members in Ryerson’s Department of Politics and Public Administration. Others are drawn from the ranks of public sector practitioners – people who actually deliver public service now or who have recently retired from the sector.

Visit the Department of Politics & Public Administration website to read more about their expertise.

Industry and Careers

According to Statistics Canada, public sector employment comprises approximately 20 percent of total employment in Canada.

Here are a few possible career categories for graduates of this certificate:

  • a policy unit of a federal, provincial, or municipal government department
  • the decision-making structure of a voluntary or nonprofit sector organization
  • a private sector company, particularly one that has extensive interactions with domestic or foreign governments, or that is engaged in public research
  • international governmental organizations (like the United Nations [UN], Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], World Bank)
  • non-governmental organizations (NGO)
  • the offices of an elected official (for example, as a political aide)
  • private companies engaged in public research
  • interest/pressure groups
  • community-based organizations that have administrative interactions with the federal, provincial, or municipal governments

Certificate Requirements

  • 3 required courses
  • 3 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • An undergraduate degree

Note: If you have no background in politics or public administration and/or no experience in the public sector, you may be required to complete a preparatory course (usually either CPPA 102 or CPPA 120) prior to admission in the certificate.

Admission Application
To apply for approval to register in the Certificate in Public Administration and Leadership, please complete and submit this online program pre-approval form. Once you have completed and submitted this online form, a representative from The Chang School will contact you to provide next steps.

Note: You will also be required to submit academic transcripts to Dr. Patrice Dutil, Academic Coordinator. Instructions for submitting your transcripts are in the Education section of the pre-approval form.


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