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The Certificate in Health Studies comprises specifically selected courses from other health-related Chang School certificate programs, such as Health Informatics, Health Services Management, Ethics, Psychology, and Aging and Gerontology. It provides a diverse set of courses that can fill gaps in your knowledge and skill set. If you are looking for depth in a particular area of study, you may instead choose to take the appropriate other health-related certificate. The Health Studies certificate will provide flexibility to choose courses that meet your professional development needs while allowing the opportunity to earn a certificate.

Through five elective courses in specialized streams of Health Informatics, Health Services Management, Health Ethics, Gerontology, and Psychology, learners are free to choose their own selection to equip them with specific knowledge pertinent to their personal goals or professional interests.

Certificate Requirements

  • 1 required course
  • 5 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Recommended Course Sequence

Suggested Elective Groupings (a total of 5 selections from 1 or more of the following groupings)
You may may choose to focus on a specific area to achieve your individual goals. The electives may be grouped as follows:

Communication: CCMN 279, CCMN 314
Gerontology: CINT 904, CINT 930, CINT 935, CINT 945
Health Data Analytics: CHIM 301, CHIM 408
Health Ethics: CPHL 302, CPHL 444, CPHL 509, CPHL 602
Health Informatics: CHIM 303, CHIM 305, CHIM 306, CHIM 307, CLAW 402
Health Services Management: CHSM 305, CHSM 306, CHSM 330, CHSM 437, CTEC 210
Psychology: CPSY 102, CPSY 105, CPSY 325, CPSY 605, CPSY 607, CPSY 802, CPSY 805, CPSY 808

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits


  • A related professional development award


  • Mature student status

Professional Development

Professional Development Award: Introduction to Health Data Analytics requires completion of three courses: CHIM 301, CHIM 408, and CHSM 301.

Professional Development Award: Health Ethics requires completion of three courses: (CPHL 302 or CPHL 509), or CPHL 334, or CPHL 444, or CPHL 602.

Professional Development Award: Health Informatics requires completion of three courses: CHIM 303, or CHIM 305, or CHIM 306, or CHIM 307, or CLAW 402.

Professional Development Award: Health Services Management requires completion of CHSM 305, CHSM 306, and CHSM 437.

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Questions? Contact Pria Nippak, Academic Coordinator.

Phone:  416-979-5000, ext. 4597
Email:  pnippak@ryerson.ca

Additional Details


You may only select one of CCMN 279 or CCMN 314.
You may only select one of CPHL 302 or CPHL 509.
You may only select one of CPSY 102 or CPSY 105.