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Kick-start or advance your career in retail – the largest employment sector in Canada.

Operating a successful retail business is becoming a greater challenge than ever before. As a retail professional, you must apply your skills and knowledge to analyze changing demographics, build relationships with customers as well as suppliers, and oversee the integration of a global supply chain, in addition to identifying new trends.

Our Certificate in Retail Management is tailored to the unique and growing needs of the retail industry, including strategic thinking, advanced communication skills, organizational development, and market planning.

The Certificate in Retail Management:

  • can be completed online
  • is eligible for OSAP
  • offers students the opportunity to apply courses from the certificate as transfer credits upon acceptance to the Bachelor of Commerce degree program at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management


Note: Effective Fall 2020, the Certificate in Retail Management has been revised. Students who were formally registered in the certificate prior to July 2, 2020, must complete the curriculum requirements that were in effect at the time of their registration. For curriculum details, please refer to the archived calendar for your year of registration.  

  • CQMS 102 has been removed as an elective


What Will You Learn?

  • Assess key profit drivers and broad marketing/operational strategies
  • Understand consumer behaviour and what defines brand value
  • Apply customer relationship management (CRM) tools and best practices
  • Analyze productivity issues from multiple perspectives
  • Develop skills in assessing costs and profitability tied to:
    • inventory planning
    • management
    • promotions
    • consumer insights

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Retail employees seeking professional development or career advancement
  • Working professionals seeking a career change
  • Canadian newcomers seeking entry in domestic retail organizations
  • Managers of small retail operations seeking enhanced entrepreneurial skills
  • High school graduates who want to eventually pursue the BComm degree in Retail Management

Who Teaches the Courses?

Our instructors bring extensive education and retail work experience into the classroom.


Industry and Careers

A career wheel showing retail buying, category management, customer relations management, merchandise planning, pricing analysis, store operations, allocation analysis, visual merchandising, e-commerce
  • Retail is the largest employment sector in Canada, with an employee base of almost 2 million people.
  • 102,000 new jobs are projected to open in retail management by 2026.
  • Retail is becoming a landscape of extremes. Expanding market shares target either high-end luxury markets OR value-based discount markets
  • Artificial intelligence is disrupting the retail industry, increasing productivity up to 40% and creating efficiencies in:
    • Sales and CRM applications
    • Customer recommendations
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics and delivery
    • Payments and payment services

Recommended Course Sequence

You should begin with CRMG 200 - Intro to Retail and Services Management. It is a prerequisite for many of the courses in the certificate. It provides an understanding of the functional concepts in retailing and the foundational math skills necessary for successful completion of the certificate program.

Three courses in the certificate (CRMG 400, CRMG 452 and CRMG 806) prepare you for certification as a Category Analyst with the Category Management Association. If category management certification is part of your goal in completing the certificate, then plan to take these three elective courses.



Tess McDonaldThanks to The Chang School, I’ve been working in retail analytics for the past two years. The Chang School offered exactly what I was looking for; no other institution offered the same range of online courses in retail management. And because the courses are university-level, I was able to transfer these credits into my Business Administration degree.

This certificate program enabled me to learn about the retail industry both in the classroom and out in the field. I attended key events – including Retail Week, hosted by the Ted Rogers School of Management – that allowed me to engage with retailers ‘behind the scenes,’ attend panel discussions, and connect with industry experts. These types of learning and networking opportunities have been the key to my professional success.

In my current role, I apply the knowledge and skills gained from the program. In my experience, The Chang School makes it possible for professionals to pivot their career at any point and teaches the skills needed to remain at the forefront of the industry.”

Tess McDonald
Senior Analyst, Category Management at Precima – A Business at LoyaltyOne
Certificate in Retail Management, 2013

Shoreh Zokai-LouieRetail has always been a passion of mine. With over 10 years of work experience in the retail sector, it was apparent that it was time to invest in new opportunities. It was important to find a multifaceted program from a credible school that gave me flexibility and skill development options.

I chose The Chang School because it is recognized in the retail sector for its broad Retail Management program. The certificate courses that I selected allowed me to develop hands-on experience with building and executing an omnichannel retail strategy. This experience helped me recognize a passion to further develop my career.

The entire program was taught by highly respected individuals who work hands-on in the fields in which they teach. This industry experience made a huge difference when it came to our discussions and problem-solving. My learning experience at The Chang School ultimately steered my career advancement to where I am today.”

Shoreh Zokai-Louie
Senior Manager, Global Licensing at Thane Direct Inc.
Certificate in Retail Management, 2014

Certificate Requirements

  • 2 required courses*
  • 4 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

*If you demonstrate the requisite combination of education and work experience, you may apply to the academic coordinator to waive CRMG 200. If granted a waiver, you will need to complete 5 electives (instead of 4) to fulfill the certificate requirements.


Admission Criteria    


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits

AND one of the following:

  • Mature student status
  • A recent undergraduate degree or college diploma 
  • A minimum of 1 year related professional experience in the retail industry

Professional Development

Professional Development Award: Retail Buying requires completion of CRMG 400, CRMG 452, and (CRMG 806 or CRMG 909).

Professional Development Award: Retail Operations and Sales Management requires completion of CRMG 301, CRMG 303, and CRMG 911.

Awards and Financial Aid




Contact Us

For general inquiries such as enrolment procedures, deadlines, OSAP, and course fees, please contact ce@ryerson.ca

For general academic advising please contact Academic Advisor, Dave Dalrymple at ceadvisor@ryerson.ca

For specific academic and curriculum inquiries related to the Certificate in Retail Management, please contact Academic Coordinator, Sean Sedlezky at ssedlezk@ryerson.ca .

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