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Accessible Boards Toolkit

Is your governance board accessible?

Invited, Understood and Embraced: A Board Governance Toolkit for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities is a comprehensive resource that has been developed to assist CEOs, board chairs, heads of board governance committees, and independent consultants to adopt inclusive policies and practices, to welcome and recruit people with disabilities, and to foster an inclusive environment.

Numerous studies have concluded that diverse perspectives in decision-making lead to effective decisions by boards and are more beneficial and responsive to the community and clients the organization serves. However, in addition to diversity, organizations and their respective boards must actively build a culture of inclusion so that historically excluded groups, such as people with disabilities can feel respected and valued.

The purpose of this Accessible Boards Toolkit is to:

  • Demonstrate the need for organizations to adopt disability-inclusive board governance practices and policies that will allow for the full inclusion and active participation of people with disabilities in leadership spaces, and more specifically, on boards
  • Outline the key steps a board should take to accomplish this by providing specific assessment tools to determine the board’s current state and readiness for accessibility and inclusion
  • Provide recommendations for using inclusive language, organizing and hosting accessible meetings, inclusive behaviours, and ongoing team building activities for boards

Some tools include:

  • Preparing for Accessible Meetings
  • Understanding Disabilities
  • Board Diversity Self-Assessment
  • Organizational Diversity and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities – A Self-Assessment Tool
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The Accessible Boards Toolkit was made possible by The Accessibility Project, a collaboration between The Chang School, DMZ, and Sandbox by DMZ.