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Board Governance Fundamentals

a diverse group around a table

This governance training course offers high quality and accessible knowledge and skills on the fundamentals of board governance.


  • Covers foundational topics in board governance including board essentials, legal roles and responsibilities, finance fundamentals, commitment to diversity, strategic planning, risk, management, and resource development.
  • Designed to develop your skills and knowledge to become an effective board member.
  • Each topics is presented through a series of modules governance fundamentals and principles based on lived experiences, case studies, and best practices.
  • Developed by onBoard Canada in consultation with many accomplished leaders in board governance.

Course type

7 accessible and self-paced online topics in 24 modules

Completion time

8-10 hours


No previous governance training required; suitable for emerging and experienced board directors.


Ongoing, register anytime, from anywhere.


Available in English only.