How do I enrol in a course?
You can enrol in Chang School courses online, in person, or by mail.

Visit How to Enrol in a Course for full instructions.

Need help? Email our client service advisors at for assistance.

Is online enrolment available 24 hours a day?
No. Online enrolment is unavailable every night from midnight to 1:00 a.m. due to scheduled maintenance to Ryerson’s Administrative Management Self Service (RAMSS).

If you attempt to enrol online during this window, your enrolment will be unsuccessful and you will have to try again when the system is available. Additionally, attempting to checkout or create a profile will result in an error.

Where do I find a course’s start and end dates?
The course description for each course includes start and end dates for each of the terms in which it is offered.

Is space available in the course I’m planning to take?
Course availability is indicated on a real-time basis for terms open for enrolment. Visit specific course description pages for details.

I am an active Ryerson undergraduate student. How do I enrol in Chang School courses?
As an active Ryerson undergraduate student, you can enrol in Chang School courses online using RAMSS at or in person at the ServiceHub. Visit RAMSS Support for a step-by-step guide to course enrolment.

Note: Active Ryerson undergraduates students cannot enrol through the Chang School website. Visit Undergraduate Students for more information about enrolling at The Chang School as an undergraduate student.


What are prerequisites and corequisites?

  • A Prerequisite is a course you must have already completed to enrol in a course that requires it. Check individual course descriptions for details about prerequisites.
  • A Corequisite is a course you must complete before or at the same time as another course.

How do I find out if a course has any specific admission prerequisites?
Check individual course descriptions for specific prerequisites listed under “Requisites.”

In some cases, your prior professional experience might serve as a substitute for a prerequisite. In other cases, you may be asked to provide transcripts, and possibly course descriptions or outlines of courses taken elsewhere that may also fill the prerequisite requirement.

Can a course prerequisite be waived if I have already completed an equivalent course at another post-secondary institution?
A course prerequisite waiver may be requested if an equivalent course has already been completed at an accredited university or college. The minimum grade requirement for a course from an accredited university is 60 percent (‘C-’) and the minimum grade requirement for a course from an accredited college is 70 percent (‘B-’).

To request a prerequisite waiver, please email with your name, Ryerson Student Number, an attached unofficial transcript showing the completed prerequisite, and the course code and section for which you are requesting a prerequisite waiver.

What is an Interview or Placement Assessment, and how do I find out if a course requires one?
Some Chang School certificate programs and courses require you to attend an interview or placement assessment before you register. Please review certificate admission criteria and course prerequisites to determine if an interview is required.

For further information, contact The Chang School at 416-979-5035 or

Policies and Procedures

Where can I find information about important dates such as enrolment periods, withdrawal, transfer, and grade appeal deadlines?
Important Dates lists important dates for the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer terms.

Where can I find out about Ryerson’s formal policies on issues such as refunds, withdrawals, transfers, letters of permission, grades, and appeals?
Visit Policies to familiarize yourself with important policy information before enrolling.

When do I enrol for the course I’m planning to take? Is there a cut-off date?
Enrolment deadlines and periods are listed on the Important Date page. 

You can enrol in courses right up until the time the course starts; however, courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Many of our courses are very popular and fill up long before the start date of classes. To avoid disappointment, it’s best to enrol as early as possible.

What is a conditional enrolment?
Sometimes an attempt to enrol online will result in a conditional enrolment. If your enrolment was conditional, you will receive separate emails with your Ryerson Student Number and the status of your enrolment in approximately 2–5 business days.

If you do not meet the enrolment conditions, you will receive a refund provided you do not have any other outstanding balance on your account. Enrolment conditions can include requisites, account holds, and limitations on the number of times the same course can be taken.

Certificate Registration

Should I register in a certificate program as well as in my chosen courses?
On your resumé, saying that you have successfully completed a certificate in a coherent program of study can credibly demonstrate a fully developed skill. If you’re pretty sure you would like to complete a certificate, it’s wise to register as soon as possible. Visit Certificate Registration for more information.

Also, only courses taken AFTER registration in the certificate will be included in your grade point average (GPA), although you will still receive credit for any previous courses you’ve taken.

Note: You must register in a certificate program before you finish 50 percent of the program’s course requirements.

Textbooks and Course Materials

How can I find out which textbooks to buy for my course? 

Students can find the required textbooks and materials needed in their course in their course outline.  Students enrolled in online and virtualized courses can access information about course materials on the Online Learning Course Materials page.  Textbooks and course materials can be ordered and purchased online or in-person at the Ryerson University Campus store.