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Exams for Online Courses

Many of our online courses require exams. Please carefully review your course outline or schedule for the date(s) and required format of your mid-term and final exams.

There are three possible exam formats for your online course:

1) Online Exams

Online exams are the most common exam format for online courses. Online exams are completed using a computer at a specific date and time determined by your instructor.

Please carefully review your course outline and the Online Exam FAQ below for more information.

2) On-Campus Exams

On-campus exams are written in a designated location at Ryerson on the last day of your course. On-campus exams are invigilated by your instructor or an assistant.

Please carefully review your course outline for exam dates and times.

3) Off-Campus Exams

If your online course requires an on-campus exam and you live more than 100 kilometres away from Ryerson, you can arrange to write an invigilated off-campus exam.

To write your exam off-campus, you must notify your instructor and submit the Off-Campus Examination Request Form before the stated deadlines below. Failure to submit your Off-Campus Examination Request Form before the deadline will result in having to complete the exam on-campus.

You are responsible for arranging and taking an invigilated off-campus exam. Please review the Off-Campus Exam FAQ below for more information.

Deadlines to Submit Off-Campus Examination Request Form

Off-campus exams must be booked for the scheduled date of the on-campus exam. Review your course outline for details.

Please complete your request form as per the following deadlines:

  • If you are enrolled in a 13-week course, before the end of week six.
  • If you are enrolled in a 7-week intensive course, before the end of week one.

Online Exam FAQ

Does every course have a final exam?
No, but many do. Exam information will be provided in your course outline. Contact your instructor if you need further clarification.

What if I have a scheduling conflict with my final exam?
If you are enrolled in more than one course, the final exam for both courses may be scheduled on the same day and time, creating a scheduling conflict. If this is the case, please email us immediately at

What if I become ill or have an emergency during a final exam?
If you become ill or have an unforeseen emergency that prevents you from finishing a final exam, you must notify your instructor immediately. Alternate arrangements can be made at your instructor’s discretion.

What if I am unable to write an exam due to a medical condition?
You must inform your instructor immediately, but no later than three (3) business days after the scheduled exam, should you be unable to write an exam for medical reasons. A Ryerson University Health Certificate must be completed and signed by you and your doctor, making sure to indicate the date you are able to resume your studies.

  • If you are a continuing education student, the form must be presented to The Chang School.
  • If you are an undergraduate student, the form must be presented to your Program Department.

Are all final exams written at the same time, in the same place?
On-campus final exams are written on the same date. Times and locations will vary. Your instructor will post the time and location of your exam by week eleven (11) of your course. Please contact your instructor(s) or email if you are unsure of your exam schedule.

Online exams are set up to allow you a “window of opportunity” to access the exam link (this can range anywhere from 15 minutes to several days). It is important to note that the exam link will only be available during this time. If you attempt to begin your online exam after the designated window of opportunity, the link will no longer be available.

What if there is a technical problem during an online exam?
You are strongly encouraged to take your course’s sample test before attempting online tests. If you experience technical difficulties during an online exam, email your instructor immediately, advise them of the problem, and submit the exam problem report in your course. Please also email

Are online exams timed?
Online exams are time-logged from the moment you access the exam to the time it is submitted. You are responsible for monitoring your time. Instructors will know exactly how long you took to write the exam and if you stayed within your time allowance (for example, two hours).

Will my final exam be returned to me?
No. It is Ryerson University policy that final examinations are not returned to students. If you have any questions about your final grade, please contact your instructor as soon as you receive your grade. If you are unable to reach your instructor, please email or phone 416-979-5315.

Off-Campus Exam FAQ

What is an invigilated exam?
An invigilated exam is an exam that is overseen by an impartial individual (called an invigilator) who monitors or supervises a student while taking an exam. The invigilator ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.

Who is eligible to write an off-campus invigilated final exam?
If you live more than 100 kilometres from Ryerson University, you may arrange to write your examinations off campus. All students requesting invigilated exams must submit the Off-Campus Examination Request Form before the end of week six (6) after the start of the term for single-term thirteen (13) week courses and before the end of week one (1) for single-term six or seven (6 or 7) week courses.

NOTE: Exams will not be sent to an invigilator unless the Off-Campus Examination Request Form is received and approved by The Chang School.

What must I do to take an invigilated exam?

  1. Visit the online Off-Campus Examination Request Form to see a list of invigilators. Select an invigilator in your area and contact them to arrange for their invigilation services on the date and time you will be writing your exam, as per the course outline. Once confirmed, complete and submit the Off-Campus Examination Request Form.
  2. If there is no invigilator listed for your area, it is your responsibility to find a suitable invigilator. (Review the next FAQ answer to for information on selecting an approved invigilator.) Confirm the date and time you will be writing your exam with that invigilator. Then complete the Off-Campus Examination Request Form with your request, as per form instructions.
  3. Review the payment policy of the selected site.
  4. It is important that you schedule your exam date and time with the invigilator well in advance, as per the scheduled date listed in your course outline.

NOTE: Failure on the part of the student to assume the responsibilities outlined for requesting an off-campus invigilated exam will result in the student having to attend and write the exam on-campus at Ryerson University.

How do I find a suitable invigilator?
If there is no invigilator for your area on the invigilator listing, it is your responsibility to find a suitable invigilator and make arrangements for him or her to invigilate your examination on the scheduled date. You can then add this invigilator to the Off-Campus Examination Form.

You must contact a university or community college to request an invigilator from their faculty, or a library for a professional librarian, and verify they are eligible to work in Canada or in their country of residence.

NOTE: Relatives, coworkers, immediate supervisors, friends, neighbours, or persons residing at the same address cannot invigilate your examinations.

An acceptable invigilator is an impartial individual who will ensure academic integrity throughout the administration of the exam process. Your invigilator must be from one of the following categories*:

  • College or university testing centre representatives
  • Current faculty at a community college or university
  • Librarian at a public library
  • Nursing Educators
  • Military Educators

*All of the above must be eligible to work in Canada or in their country of residence.

Is there a fee for an invigilator’s services?
Ryerson University pays a flat fee of $50 as an honorarium on behalf of its students for invigilation services. Payment is in Canadian funds only. If the fee is to be paid to the facility/institution, we will request the invigilator to provide an invoice for payment. If not, the invigilator will complete the Invigilator Payment Form that is included with the exam.

NOTE: Students will not be reimbursed for payments made to invigilators.

What happens after I submit the Off-Campus Examination Form?
Upon successful submission and acceptance of this form, you will receive a confirmation notice sent to the email address provided on your form. We will review your request form and will contact you if we have any questions. Ryerson University reserves the right to verify an invigilator’s identity, require additional proof of eligibility, or require the selection of a different invigilator.

NOTE: Failure on the part of the student to assume these responsibilities will result in the having to attend and write the exam on-campus at Ryerson University.

What are the invigilator’s responsibilities?

  • Only the invigilator may handle the actual exam prior to and following its completion.
  • No copies of the exam are to be made at any time.
  • No person other than the invigilator and student may view the exam. (The student may have access to the exam only during the time period allowed for writing.)
  • The invigilator must ensure the identity of test-takers by requiring the presentation of photo identification.
  • The invigilator must follow the instructions for administering the exam. These may include a time limit and specific allowable exam aids, such as a calculator and inclusion or exclusion of books, notes, etc.
  • The invigilator must prepare the exam (and any relevant materials, for example: scanner sheet, question paper, answer booklets) for return by sealing it in the return envelope provided by Ryerson University, immediately after the student completes it.
  • Under no circumstances should any part of the examination be released to the student.
  • Exams may not be released to a third party without Ryerson’s permission.

How does the invigilator receive exams and return them to Ryerson University? 
The examination is mailed directly to your invigilator. You should check with your invigilator one week before your scheduled examination date to confirm the examination has arrived. If it has not arrived before the examination date, contact us immediately by email at Each examination package will contain a prepaid envelope to return the examination to The Chang School. The examination should be sent no later than the next business day after it is written.

If you have further questions or require clarification, please contact