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About The Chang School

Our Mission: To be a leader in innovative, quality, lifelong learning that empowers adults to reach their life and career goals.

We are proud to be Canada’s largest, most successful continuing education program, with approximately 70,000 enrolments each year.

What brings people here? Five key elements:

Superior and Innovative Programming

Are you interested in making a career change? Pursuing advanced training in your professional field? Taking a course for personal enrichment?

The Chang School provides relevant, quality educational programming geared to adult learners.

We offer a variety of programs of study to help you achieve your goals:

  • 81 career-related certificate programs
  • 69 course series
  • Courses toward 12 part-time degree programs
  • 1,500 courses, seminars, and workshops
  • Courses towards accreditation by 11 professional institutes and associations

Accessibility and flexibility are features of our programming – you can learn anytime, anywhere. Our innovative forms of delivery include the following:

  • In-class programs at our downtown campus – weeknights, weekend days, weekdays, and intensive courses
  • Online learning – 400 online courses and hybrid courses that combine of in-class and online learning

Teaching Staff Who Are Thinkers and Practitioners

Our teaching staff combine theoretical knowledge with practical, on-the-job experience – and they pass that experience on to their students. They are high achievers who we attract from industry and the business community, along with Ryerson University faculty.

The majority of our teaching staff have extensive work experience in occupations that are directly relevant to the courses they teach; they are also interested in adopting new modes of delivery and new teaching methods.

A Community of Motivated Students

If you’re interested in continuing education to advance your career, update your skills, or to gain prerequisites for full-time programs at Ryerson University, you’re in good company.

Most Chang School students already possess post-secondary education and are employed full-time, giving you the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals.

Our Collaborative Model

The collaborative model at Ryerson’s Chang School is unique in Canada. It recognizes that continuous learning is best achieved by creating a distinct continuing education unit – one that can adapt to the unique needs of adult learners and at the same time be deeply connected to Ryerson University.

This model makes part-time studies a great stepping stone to full-time education.

Connectedness Through Partnerships

Our students benefit from our connections to other educational institutions, industry leaders, associations, and the local community. The Chang School has partnerships with professional associations, societies, and institutes in such diverse areas as international trade, banking and finance, community services, management, and engineering and applied science.

The Chang School is also committed to meeting the changing needs of our society and local community. 


The Chang School is a member of the following associations:

  • The Canadian Association for University Continuing Education (CAUCE)
  • The University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA)
  • The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE)
  • The Institute for Performing and Learning
  • The Online Learning Consortium
  • The Ontario Council for University Lifelong Learning (OCULL)

The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is named in honour of the late G. Raymond Chang, OC, third chancellor of Ryerson University and Director of CI Financial, and his support and deep belief in lifelong learning.

Our offices are located on the Ryerson campus in Heaslip House, a building named in honour of the late distinguished Canadian business leader and philanthropist William Arthurs Heaslip, CM, who was committed to education and lifelong learning.