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Courses and Programs FAQ

I don’t understand some of the terminology used in course descriptions. What does everything mean?

For definitions of Chang School terms, visit Important Terms.

Once I’ve found the course I want to take, how do I enrol?

Visit How to Enrol in a Course for step-by-step instructions.

What is a certificate program?

Certificate programs consist of four (4) to ten (10) single-term courses that provide post-secondary-level studies in specific career-related areas. You will receive a certificate at the successful completion of all requirements.

Are there any admission criteria for certificate programs?

Certificates are offered at the undergraduate level. Normally you must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with Grade 12 U or M credits, or equivalent, or mature student status (being over 21 years of age and having been away from formal education for at least two years). As a mature student, you do not necessarily have to meet normal secondary school admission requirements, although there is some variation among specific certificate programs.

Some certificate programs require an undergraduate degree, an interview, or pre-approval prior to admission to the certificate program. Pre-approval forms are available in Forms and Documents.

Check the Admissions Criteria section of each certificate page for specific details.

When and how do I register in a certificate program?

Visit How to Register for a Certificate Program for step-by-step instructions, and Certificate Registration for registration policies.

You can only be registered in one certificate at a time. Review the certificate program to determine if you meet the admission criteria and/or if you require departmental approval prior to registration in your program. Also check the Curriculum Advising website for any registration restrictions.

We recommend registering for the certificate before enrolment in the first course towards the certificate. This will allow maximum flexibility in crediting external courses and/or courses previously taken at Ryerson to a maximum of 50 percent of the certificate requirements.

If you choose not to register in the certificate before you enrol in your first course, please note that all applicable certificate courses taken prior to registration will be counted towards your graduation requirements; however, they will not be included in the calculation of your cumulative GPA (grade point average).

Can I use certificate courses that I took prior to registering in the certificate program?

Yes. However, some limitations apply. A Ryerson residency requirement states that at least 50 percent of the courses must be taken after registering in the certificate program. Courses taken prior to registration in the certificate program will not be included in the calculation of your certificate GPA.

Can I use any credits earned in a Ryerson degree program toward a certificate program?

Yes. However, 50 percent of the courses used to meet certificate graduation requirements must be completed in your Continuing Education Career (CNED). Also, the certificate cannot be restricted to students in the undergraduate program (refer to Curriculum Advising for complete details).

Undergraduate students may access continuing education courses by ‘cross-enrolling’ within their Undergraduate (UGRD) career. These courses will be included in the student’s Undergraduate GPA.

Can I transfer external credits from another accredited post-secondary institution toward a certificate program?

Yes. However, it is important to note that a Ryerson residency requirement stipulates that 50 percent of courses in a certificate must be Ryerson courses taken after registering in the certificate program and through The Chang School.

Note: Ryerson courses taken before registering in a certificate (these are courses which students want to credit toward a certificate), as well as courses transferred from other post-secondary institutions, may not constitute more than 50 percent of the certificate program requirements. Visit Ryerson’s Transfer Credits page for detailed transfer credit application instructions for Chang School students.

When can I apply for a Transfer Credit, Course Substitution/Directive, Challenge Credit, or Letter of Permission?

You can apply as soon as you receive confirmation of acceptance into a certificate program.

Are Transfer Credits included in my grade point average?

No. They are recorded on your academic record as CRT (credit). Transfer Credits will not be used in the calculation of your Cumulative GPA. Visit Grade Point Averages for more information.

Can I register in more than one certificate program at the same time?

No. You can only be registered in one certificate program at a time.

Can I register in a certificate and a degree at the same time?

Yes. However, all continuing education certificate courses in which you have enrolled will be counted in your Continuing Education Career GPA and subsequently your certificate GPA. If these courses are part of your degree requirements, they will also be included in the calculation of your program requirements but not in your Undergraduate Career GPA. Students enrolled in a degree program and pursuing a Chang School certificate should ensure that their course enrolments are within the appropriate career.

Some certificates are restricted for some undergraduate programs. Refer to Curriculum Advising for a restriction listing if you are also in an undergraduate program.

Can I register in a certificate that is restricted to my undergraduate degree program?

No. You may, however, register if the certificate is restricted to an undergraduate degree program from which you have already graduated.

Please contact The Chang School for further assistance:

Can I continue my certificate program studies if I have been admitted to an undergraduate degree program?

Yes. In many cases, students will be allowed to continue their certificate studies. However, in the event that the certificate is restricted to your undergraduate degree program, you will automatically be withdrawn from the certificate program and notified accordingly.

How do I know which curriculum to follow?

If you are registered in a certificate program, you must complete the curricula published online at the time you registered in the certificate. It is recommended that you keep a list of the certificate requirements of your program of study. Curriculum may change, in which case requirements must be completed by way of Course Substitution/Directive.

Are there any time limits for completing a certificate program?

Yes. To graduate, you must successfully complete, within your official timespan, the published certificate curricula from the year you registered in the program. Also, you must apply to graduate on RAMSS, upon enrolment in or prior to the completion of your final course and within the appropriate application deadlines (visit Important Dates).

Do I need a minimum GPA to graduate?

Yes. A CGPA of 1.67 or higher is required to graduate from a certificate program.

Can I use any of the credits earned in a certificate program towards another Ryerson credential such as a degree?

Possibly. Applicable courses earned in a certificate can be used towards a Ryerson degree provided the courses taken are degree level. These courses will not be included in the calculation of your Undergraduate Career GPA.

How do I withdraw from a certificate program?

Students are required to complete and submit a Certificate Program Withdrawal Form available online in Forms and Documents to Registrar’s Office Client Services located in the ServiceHub (Podium, 1st floor, 350 Victoria Street). Withdrawing from a course does not withdraw you from a certificate program. Please note that withdrawing from a certificate program does not drop you from your enrolled courses. You must officially drop your courses online, by mail, or in person, according to Ryerson’s official deadline dates (refer to Important Dates).

How do I drop a course?

Official course drops are accepted in the following ways:

  • online at
  • in person at the Registrar’s Office Client Services at the ServiceHub (Podium, 1st floor, 350 Victoria Street)

Visit Withdrawals for more information.

Since I registered in my certificate program, the number of courses required to graduate has changed. Can I transfer to the new curriculum?

This varies depending on the certificate program. Contact your academic coordinator to discuss your options.

How do I transfer from one Chang School certificate program to another?

You can transfer to another certificate program online in your RAMSS Student Centre by clicking “Chang Certificate Reg/Trnsfr”. There is no fee to apply.

What are the certificate program fees?

The certificate program fees are calculated on a per-course basis. If the course costs an average of $700 and there are eight (8) courses required for the certificate, then the total course fees would be $5,600. To find the cost of each course, visit individual course description pages.

Does the fee change if I am an international student?

Yes. The fees for international students are approximately three (3) times higher than the listed fees. For help with international student registration, please contact

What is the schedule of course offerings for this academic year?

Use the Course Search to find the course you are looking for. Select the course you would like to register for, then click “Add to Cart”.

Note: Not all courses run every term. Courses, as a rule, fill two (2) weeks before courses start, so we recommend you enrol and pay for courses early to avoid disappointment.

When do online courses begin?

Online courses begin their first week on a Monday. Each following week begins on Saturday (unless otherwise stated).

Can I take more than one course in the evening and still hold my full-time job?

Yes. It is possible to take more than one course in the evenings and still hold on to your full-time job. You are encouraged to consider your other commitments when enrolling in courses.

Can I get financial aid?

The Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR), your student union, and The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education offer a wide range of awards, bursaries, and scholarships for students who are eligible. For more information, visit the CESAR web site and The Chang School Awards and Financial Assistance page.