Course Description

This course continues the investigation of the techniques and approaches to CDFP 390 (see the calendar description). In addition to exploring more advanced studio lighting, students will also explore the use of flash lighting combined with ambient light outside of the studio environment.


Note: A prerequisite may be waived if the student has specific professional experience. Registered certificate program students who do not have the prerequisites and who wish to take this course must contact the Instructor, Rob Davidson, at rob@rdaphoto.com or Academic Coordinator, Dennis Miles, at dmiles@ryerson.ca for more information.

To find out more about your instructor, see the Photography instructor biographies.

Students must own or have access to a digital interchangeable lens camera with at least 10 megapixels and at least one lens in the "normal" to moderate telephoto range (equivalent to 50mm to 90mm on full frame sensor). 


Prerequisite: CDFP 390

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Thank you for your interest in this course. It is not scheduled for the current academic year.

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