Course Description

This course is a two-term introduction to the basic principles of biology. In the first term, topics discussed include the scientific method, essential chemistry and biomolecules, cell structure and function, cellular respiration and photosynthesis, genetics and inheritance, evolution, and biological diversity. In the second term, topics discussed include phylogeny, animal and plant physiology, ecology, and environmental issues.


Formerly CKBG 108 and CKBG 109.

An Academic Bridging Course that may be used to meet the Grade 12 U Biology requirement for Ryerson admission purposes. Please note that mature student applicants will be considered on an individual basis. Please contact Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment for details.

CBLG 90A is a multi-term course. If you enrol in CBLG 90A for the selected term, you will automatically be enrolled in CBLG 90B for the subsequent term. The automatic enrolment usually occurs near the completion of “A” term, and therefore the “B” term will not appear on your schedule of classes until that time.


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