Course Description

This is a full year project whose scope is the IS function of integrating business processes, functions, and technologies, as part of an enterprise solution. Value creation through the integrated production and distribution of products, services, and information will be emphasized. Working with a real-life client organization on this project, students will learn to apply models and frameworks, to analyze and integrate business functions, processes, and technologies and communicate solutions concisely. Students will also learn to apply business strategic management capabilities to qualify the models and frameworks being used to integrate the business functions. As the most exhaustive and demanding course of the program, this course requires completion of all required undergraduate courses from the first three years of the degree program. 2-Year BTM Public Ontario College Diploma Program students require completion of all required undergraduate courses from the first year of the program.


Standard course outlines for Information Technology Management (CITM) courses are available on the ITM website.

CITM 90A is a multi-term course. If you enrol in CITM 90A for the selected term, you will automatically be enrolled in CITM 90B for the subsequent term. The automatic enrolment usually occurs near the completion of “A” term, and therefore the “B” term will not appear on your schedule of classes until that time.


Department Consent Required
Corequisite: CITM 707



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