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Generating publicity for a book and author plays a key role in a publisher's overall marketing plan. The quality of publicity can determine whether a book succeeds or not. In today's publishing world, creative publicity counts; the competition for people's attention is fierce. This course looks at the many types of book publicity practised today. These include author media appearances, special events, tours, and a growing number of online initiatives. We will discuss campaigns, trade shows, and the need to position clearly the book and author. Students will look at case studies, undertake research, and create media kit materials. The course will also introduce the related field of public relations, which includes developing a publisher profile, improving brand awareness, involvement in the community, and occasionally a little crisis control.


This course is offered in the Spring/Summer term as part of 'Publishing Intensive' (CDPB 999). 

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Sep 14, 2020 to Dec 18, 2020
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