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There are many different types of urban agriculture. How are such types practiced in different contexts by different people? This course will feature multiple forms of urban agriculture, serving multiple functions. The motivation and methods employed to develop these different types will be explored. Entrepreneurial approaches will be emphasized, including social enterprises. Specific lenses will be applied, including gender and sustainability. Course modules will incorporate business planning and managing community relations.


This course has been developed in partnership with the RUAF Foundation in the Netherlands.

This course is part of a portfolio of four distance education courses on urban agriculture, including the following: CVFN 410, CVFN 411, CVFN 412, and CVFN 413. These courses comprise a course series; students who complete all four courses will receive a Professional Development Award. For more information, visit Course Series in Urban Agriculture.

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May 03, 2021 to Jul 30, 2021
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