Course Description

Millions globally practise urban agriculture, with governments and civil society organizations increasingly promoting it to enhance urban food security, health, community building, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental management. This course expands the understanding of urban agriculture, its main types and dimensions, its potential impacts, the constraints and opportunities facing it, the stakeholders involved in it, the historical contexts shaping it, and the local, regional, and international development trends bearing on it.


This course has been developed in partnership with ETC-Urban Agriculture (ETC-UA) and the Resource Centre on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF), with technical support provided by The Chang School.

This course is part of a portfolio of four distance education courses on urban agriculture, including the following: CVFN 410, CVFN 411, CVFN 412, and CVFN 413. These courses comprise a course series; students who complete all four courses will receive a Professional Development Award. For more information, visit Course Series in Urban Agriculture.





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