Course Description

This course focuses on packaging print and digital service journalism in ways that will delight readers and help them easily access the information they need, in print or online. The course looks at planning and assigning a story package for print, web, and tablet; editing stories destined for packages; and working with art directors and digital producers to create packages. A variety of types of stories will be discussed and provided by both the instructor and the students, from long features to visual stories to instructional pieces to words-and-pictures infographics. Students are encouraged to think of magazines as both print and digital products.


Note: Classroom Delivery uses in-class workshops, round-tables, story meetings, quick editing exercises, and hands-on group activities. Traditional lecture format is kept to a minimum and time is made available for one-on-one discussions with the instructor as well as peer feedback; Distance Delivery teaches the same skills and techniques, but makes use of online discussion forums, video and audio interviews, and self-assessment quizzes to augment the learning experience.

*This course will run during the Fall break. 


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