No previous background is required.

Learn what it takes to survive challenges in unforeseen situations with limited or non-existent support systems. This includes planning for urban survival, navigating by day/night, avoiding hazards and threats, implementing a psychology of survival, and engaging in recovery-on-the-ground techniques. You will learn to operationalize long-term survival strategies like finding/building expedient shelters, and ensuring access to necessities like water, fire, heat, light and food. Learn the fundamentals of safety, security and protection.

This is an Open Admissions program. Those who successfully complete this three-course program are eligible to earn a Professional Development Award from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

This short course series is an excellent complement to the skills you may already possess as a professional. 

What Will You Learn?

In this program you will learn about:

  • Emergency response, and recovery procedures during urban disasters 
  • On-the-ground recovery practices
  • Personal protective equipment implementation
  • Safety, security, and protection principles
  • Long-term survival strategies 
  • Expedient shelter finding/building techniques
  • Water location, creation, purification, and storage principles
  • Tools and machine making techniques
  • Fire, heat, and light creation techniques
  • Food preparation and location strategies
  • Movement and navigation methods
  • Escape and evasion procedures
  • Barter, trade, and value systems 
  • The psychology of survival 

Who Should Enrol?

This program is intended for the public: citizens from all walks of life, working professionals in private industry, non-profit organizations, government and para-public institutions.

It may also be useful for individuals who are aspiring to advance their careers and meet the needs of employers across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for emergency, disaster, and continuity management managers.

Who Teaches the Courses?

Our instructors are selected through a highly competitive process and are expert disaster and emergency management professional practitioners. 


Industry and Careers 

For those aspiring to be or already working as:

  • Emergency and Disaster Management Director
  • Emergency Preparedness Administrator 
  • Risk and Continuity Management Officer

Recommended Course Sequence 

This program may be completed in one term by taking all three courses of your choice.

Any combination of courses may be taken concurrently. You may also take any combination of courses over a number of semesters as you prefer.

Course Series Requirements

  • Successful completion of 3 required courses

Related Certificate

The courses in this program may be applied to the Certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact Anne-Marie Brinsmead, Program Director.


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