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Continue on your path to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with our Certificate in Advanced Accounting. Building on the Certificate in Accounting – Finance, this program supports your career advancement in developing your technical skills in managerial accounting, finance, taxation, and IT accounting systems. 

The six courses in this certificate will hone your analytical and decision-making skills, empowering you to make financial recommendations that are feasible, ethical and adhere to professional standards.

This program:

  • offers in-class learning
  • is eligible for OSAP
  • is comprised of CPA preparatory courses
  • is comprised of degree credit courses that can be used by Ryerson undergraduate students who are completing a minor in Accounting or Finance at the Ted Rogers School of Management

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand professional standards and ethical practices for the accounting profession
  • Research, calculate, and analyze accounting information appropriate to the financial context
  • Deliver thoughtful recommendations for improved business performance
  • Recognize the impact of current economic, political and professional rules and regulations on accounting practices
  • Apply technical skills in:
    • managerial accounting
    • finance
    • taxation
    • accounting information systems

Who Should Take This Certificate?

  • Working professionals who want to complete the academic prerequisites for the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP)
  • People who have completed the prerequisites to enter into an advanced-level certificate program, such as graduates of our Certificate in Accounting-Finance or internationally-educated professionals who have previous education and/or work experience in the field of accounting
  • Ryerson undergraduate students who are completing a minor in Accounting or Finance

Who Teaches the Courses?

Our instructors bring extensive education and real-world accounting expertise into the courses.


Industry and Careers

A career area wheel showing internal auditor, tax manager, controller, external auditor, finance manager, forensic accountant, compliance officer, information technology accountant, cost accountantAccounting is an exciting field of work that brings both flexibility and job security. From working in a large accounting firm, to being employed by an innovative tech company or a non-profit organization, to starting your own practice - the career opportunities for accountants are diverse and exciting.

The work accountants do is incredibly interesting. Because they understand almost every aspect of the business, accountants are often included in high-level business meetings. They convey financial information to senior leaders and their analyses can help influence business strategy and important decisions.

A career in accounting is full of opportunities – across all sectors – particularly when you earn the CPA designation, which is considered the industry “gold standard.” Our career wheel below demonstrates a sample of the career areas in accounting that you may consider pursuing.

Professional Designations and Accreditation

The courses in the Certificate in Advanced Accounting qualify as preparatory courses for the CPA PEP program. Review the list of all CPA preparatory courses offered through The Chang School here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what order should I take the courses?

For a student aiming to take two courses per term, a course sequence might look like this:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
CACC 703 - Advanced Financial Accounting CACC 842 - Canadian Business Taxation II CACC 801 - Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting
CACC 742 - Canadian Business Taxation I CLAW 603 - Advanced Business Law CITM 696 - Accounting Information Systems


For a student aiming to take one course per term, a course sequence might look like this:

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
CACC 703 - Advanced Financial Accounting CACC 742 - Canadian Business Taxation I CACC 842 - Canadian Business Taxation II CACC 801 - Intermediate Cost and Management Accounting CLAW 603 - Advanced Business Law CITM 696 - Accounting Information Systems

How does an accounting course by distance work?

Online learning is a great way to fit in studying with a busy lifestyle. Our online accounting courses are taught by expert instructors and each course has been created to ensure that there is a balance of both independent and collaborative working. Each course is different, with some including group projects and others including webinar sessions.

What is the difference between the CPA preparatory program and the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)?

CPA stands for Chartered Professional Accountant, which is a globally recognized designation. For aspiring accountants, the preparatory courses offered through The Chang School allow you to gain the prerequisite subject area coverage needed for admission to the CPA PEP program. The CPA PEP consists of a series of modules culminating in the Common Final Exam (CFE) and is built upon the CPA competency map

How long will it take to complete the certificate?

Most students take between two to three years to complete this certificate. Your time to completion will vary depending on the number of courses you are able to take per term. Please refer to tentative course schedule to help you plan your pathway through to certificate completion. When planning your schedule, it is important to keep in mind that Ryerson University requires that you complete the certificate within four years of your enrolment in the program.

How much time is involved per week, per course?

As a general guideline, you should allow five to ten additional hours per week per course outside of the classroom hours; however, this will vary from week to week and will depend on your learning style and your personal grade goals. If your end goal is to pursue the CPA designation to become a Chartered Professional Accountant, grade minimums can be found in the CPA Course Equivalent Chart

Is there career support available for current Chang School students?

Yes, our Career Education Specialist Dena Marcos can help you change or choose your career path, develop a job search strategy and improve your resumé, cover letter, networking and interview skills, or LinkedIn profile. 

What is the cost of completing this certificate?

There is no set tuition fee for the certificate program; students pay per course.  For domestic students taking courses in the 2019-20 academic year, the total cost of the six required courses in this certificate is approximately $3556.

Certificate Requirements

  • 6 required courses
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) 1.67+

Admission Criteria




Awards and Financial Aid




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