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Develop your creative and technical skills in digital content production. Learn design, visual communication, interaction design, and storytelling skills. Enrich your understanding of art, media, and culture.

This hands-on, experiential program will support you in creating original content and integrating it into the digital world. You will also gain theoretical, historical, and contemporary knowledge of art, design, and global communication.

This program is offered in cooperation with Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts. It is the only part-time program in Canada that offers a combination of applied creative and digital courses at the university degree-credit level.

What Will You Learn?

The two required courses provide skills including:

  • Visual communication, storytelling, and analysis
  • Design
  • Art history
  • Drawing technique and composition
  • Research

Customize your learning through your choice of electives that focus on skills including:

Fiction Screenwriting:

  • professional script formatting
  • storytelling techniques
  • structure

Digital Skills and Innovation:

  • social media
  • webpages
  • mobile apps
  • WordPress
  • YouTube
  • Skype
  • Dropbox

Graphic Design:

  • lay out designs for print and screen using industry-standard software

Interaction Design:

  • optimal user experience
  • principles of human-computer interaction

Immersive Imaging:

  • video and lighting techniques
  • virtual reality images

Human Figure:

  • how characters are portrayed in film, video, and performance

Digital Animation:

  • Maya software for 3D character modeling, virtual environments, and movement

Design for Mobile Devices:

  • multimedia
  • interaction
  • geolocation
  • sensors
  • APIs
  • publishing

Art in the Modern World:

  • image analysis
  • film
  • gallery visits
  • art history

History of Animation:

  • traditions
  • production methods
  • technological developments

You can also choose to take a Co-Operative Internship course to gain professional experience in production situations and settings.

Who Should Take This Certificate?

You may be interested if you want to:

  • gain a solid foundation for further study at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • make a career change to a rapidly growing creative field
  • enhance your work in film, photography, fine art, graphic design, or journalism
  • expand your audience as a visual artist

Work in:

  • digital games
  • animation
  • graphic design
  • interaction and interface design
  • mobile app development
  • web design
  • computer-generated effects
  • digital art

Improve your creative skills and develop your knowledge of art and design.

Who Teaches the Courses?

Learn from instructors with real industry experience. Some of our instructors are also members of faculty in Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts.


Industry and Careers  

Prepare for careers in:

  • interaction and user interface design
  • graphic and web design
  • computer generated effects design
  • mobile application development
  • animation
  • artistic production
  • social media
  • game art

Certificate Requirements

  • 2 required courses
  • 4 electives
  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 1.67+

Admission Criteria


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
    • With 6 Grade 12 U or M credits
    • With a minimum average of 60 percent


  • Mature student status

Why Register for the Certificate?

Registering for the certificate comes with many benefits.

  • Build a comprehensive base of practical, real-world knowledge and skills.
  • Earn a well-respected credential.
  • Develop professional connections through your fellow students and instructors.
  • Make your education a priority, complete a full program of study, and enjoy the reward of achieving a milestone goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy special software to take the courses?

No. For lab courses, you can do your work in the computer lab during class. For CPFN 541 - Digital Animation Concepts, you can use the free student version of Maya software, which is available online.

The course description for CMPC 101 - Visual Studies I says it is a “studio course,” even though it is online. This is confusing. Do I need to come to a studio?

No. CMPC 101 is a fully online course. You will work on designs and drawings at home, and submit photos of your exercises online for review.

Does The Chang School place graduates into jobs?

No. However, as a student, you can access Ryerson’s Career Centre as soon as you register for a course. Additionally, you can gain some professional experience through the Co-Operative Internship course.

Do I have to take the courses in any particular order?

No, unless the course has a prerequisite. Take courses in whatever order is most convenient for you.

Intensive Option

Earn the six credits needed to complete the Certificate in Digital Art Production over 14 intensive weeks. Courses cover building apps, graphic design, design for interaction, Maya software, art history, and visual storytelling and prepares students for careers in interaction design, graphic design, mobile application development, animation, and artistic production.

CDNM 999 - Digital Art Production Intensive

Contact Us

Questions? Contact Rhonda Abrams, Academic Coordinator.


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