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2018 Award Recipients

The annual merit-based awards acknowledge Chang School community members who have reached their goals through outstanding academic performance and leadership. Congratulations to all of our 2018 award recipients!

The Nick P. Bada Award for Excellence in Project Management

Renila Castillo, Project Management

The Catherine Bountrogianni Award in Early Childhood Studies (Part-Time Degree Program)

Jashinta Tjakradinata, Early Childhood Studies

The Amy Casey Leadership Award

Mariko Kawano, Entrepreneurship and Small Business

The Josette M. Billich Scholarship in Nursing

Samira Kassem, Nursing

The Marilynn Booth Award

Jnui Chakrabarti, Canadian Social Work Practice
Sira Dansokho, Accounting – Finance
Gabriela Saldanha, Public Relations
Farrah Fernando, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Anna Gebremedhin, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Rapar Hama Salih, Canadian Social Work Practice
Muna Hassan, Human Resources Management
Nabeela Ilyas, Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program
Justin Johny John, Canadian Social Work Practice
S. Kalia, Business Decision Analysis
A S M Mahbub Afzal Khan, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Jason Kim, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Lucas Kirschner, Advanced Architecture
Tracy Orie, Project Management
Angela Padden, Landscape Design
Mohammad Rafi, Canadian Social Work Practice
Bernice Shum, Fundamentals of Interior Design
Shanik Wright, Health Services Management
Ahmad Yazdanmehr, Computer Security and Digital Forensics

The G. Raymond Chang Award

Artur Simonyan, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics

The Lloyd and Daphne Chin-Loy Award in Mental Health and Addictions

Adam Venning, Mental Health and Addictions

The Communicators’ Forum Award

Carmen Chai, Public Relations
Brittany Howlett, Public Relations
Sylvia Pena, Public Relations

The W. Robert Crampton Award in Criminal Justice and Criminology

Margaret Tuanquin, Criminal Justice and Criminology

The Michael G. Edwards Legacy Award in Strategic Marketing

Danielle O’Hanley, Strategic Marketing

The Gervan Fearon Award for Access to Post-Secondary Education

Hanna Kim

Founder’s Scholarship

Kristin Garrity, Child and Youth Care

The Desmond Glynn Excellence in Arts Award

Aynur Tremblay, Psychology

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Award

Sepideh Nabaee, Lighting Design

Marsh Jeanneret Memorial Award

Melissa McCoubrey, Publishing
Paisley McNab, Publishing

The Hamish Kippen Excellence in Arts Award

Stefany Li, Photography Studies

The Martha Lee-Blickstead Award for a Spanning the Gaps Student in Community Services

Thuvaraka Kiritharan, Public Health and Safety

LIFE Institute Jack Brown Award

Raechel Bonomo, Aboriginal Knowledges and Experiences
Holly Lemme, Aging and Gerontology

The Cathy Mann & Associates Inc. Award in Fundraising Management

Karen Piccolo, Fundraising Management

Wallace A. Matheson Award for Creativity and Innovation in Educational Publishing

Gloria Hei Ling Chan, Publishing
Stephanie Laforest, Publishing

The Hansa and Ramesh Mehta Award in Fundraising Management

Renée Kerman, Fundraising Management

Pearson Canada Award

Amylea Doiron, Publishing
Kaitlin Thornber, Publishing

The Walter G. Pitman Award

Jake Daniels, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics
Ping Li, Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics

Rosemary Shipton Award for Excellence in Book Editing

Evelyn Seelenmayer, Publishing
Alyssa Tompkins, Publishing

The Claudette J. Smith Business Program Award

Derek Eng, Privacy, Access, and Information Management

The Jackie Smith Memorial Award in Ethics

Barbara Besharat, Ethics

The Anne Smokorowski Award in Gerontology

Holly Lemme, Aging and Gerontology

The Pierre Taillon Award

Sara Scudder, Strategic Marketing

The Wellesley Institute – Blickstead Family Award

Leslie-Ann Valley

The Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Entrance Award for Young Entrepreneurs in the Bridges to Ryerson Program

Kathryn Nicole Acaso, Social Work