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Academic Program Areas

To reach staff by phone, dial the main number 416-979-5000 followed by their extension.


This Program Area provides courses and certificate programs in the humanities and social sciences fields of study traditionally associated with Arts faculties.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 5180

Nenita Elphick

Program Director
ext. 6667


This Program Area provides courses and certificate programs in business and management-related fields of study traditionally associated with Business or Commerce faculties.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 5183

Jean de Sousa-Hitzler

Interim Program Manager
ext. 4105

Linda Koechli

Program Director
ext. 7872

Communication and Design

This Program Area provides courses and certificate programs in applied arts, creative arts, and arts-related management fields of study traditionally associated with Fine Arts and Applied Arts faculties.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 5180

Kimberly Carter

Interim Program Director
ext. 2782

Community Services

This Program Area provides courses and certificate programs in community health, engagement, and workplace safety fields of study traditionally associated with Community Service and Nursing faculties.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 5183

Jennifer Butterly

Program Manager, Early Childhood Studies
ext. 7636

Dalia Hanna

Program Director
ext. 2619

Farheen Hasan

Coordinator, Experiential Learning
ext. 7491

Jouanna Labib

Student Affairs Coordinator, Nursing
ext. 5238

Mona Mansour

Admin Support, Special Projects
ext. 5443

Samara Newman

Program Manager
ext. 5178

Engineering, Architecture, and Science

This Program Area provides courses and certificate programs in the STEM field traditionally associated with the Engineering and Architectural Science Faculty and Science Faculty, as well as related fields such as big data analytics, computer security, VR and AR development, project management, robotics, coding, Internet of Things, disaster and emergency management, financial mathematics modelling, and professional healthcare development.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 2665

Tamer Abdou

Assistant Program Director, Data Science
ext. 2682

Ceni Babaoglu

Assistant Program Director, Data Science
ext. 4774

Lisa Fanjoy

Program Manager

Anne-Marie Brinsmead

Program Director
ext. 2665

Gateway for International Professionals

This Program Area provides specialized programs to assist internationally educated professionals integrate into the Canadian workforce and support them on their journeys in the Canadian labour market.

Katerina Belazelkoska

Program Manager, Workplace Communication in Canada
ext. 2174

Ellen Bercovitz

Field Programming Coordinator, International Social Work
ext. 7946

Shafi Bhuiyan

Program Manager, International Medical Doctors
ext. 6698

Mohammad Biswas

Program Coordinator, International Medical Doctors
ext. 7127

Juliet Dhanraj

Field Programming Coordinator, Green Economy
ext. 543402

Jose Garcia

Program Manager, International Middle-level Managers with Technical Background
ext. 2599

Agafya Krivova

ITMD Assistant

Kike Kasim

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Reed

Administrative Support, International Midwifery
ext. 7681

Ana Siguenza

Program Assistant, Green Economy
ext. 2713

Holliday Tyson

Program Manager, International Midwifery
ext. 7685

Tej Wadhwa

Program Manager, International Social Work
ext. 7406

onBoard Canada

onBoard Canada provides online, self-paced, accessible governance training to anyone across Canada. In a growing list of communities, our matching program connects nonprofit and public sector boards with individuals from groups that have been historically excluded from governance positions, such as Indigenous Peoples, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, people with disabilities, underrepresented immigrants, visible minorities and women. We have facilitated more than 1,000 appointments to date, been recognized by the Intercultural Innovation Awards sponsored by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and BMW Group, and since 2016, have been a program of The Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

Elaine Lam

Executive Director
ext. 7870

Program Support

The Program Support team provides overall coordination and support to their assigned core program area, specifically to the program directors, academic coordinators and instructors, to ensure that all of the program areas are operating efficiently within The Chang School.

Ana Abreu

Program Coordinator
ext. 555185

Therese Alfieri

Project Coordinator
ext. 2757

Margaret Algieri

Program Coordinator
ext. 557891

Melissa Johnson

Program Coordinator
ext. 555183

Rose Reid

Lead Program Coordinator
ext. 555310

Brenda Sinclair

Departmental Assistant
ext. 7873

Debbie Wilk

Associate Director, Academic Programs
ext. 556975

Joan Yolleck

Program Coordinator
ext. 555180

Programs for 50+ and Community Engagement

This Program Area provides courses, membership-based activities, and special events and programs especially for seniors.

Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 5103

Mena Carravetta

Program Coordinator
ext. 3850

Dalia Hanna

Interim Program Director
ext. 2619

Vrenia Ivonoffski

Program Manager, Artistic Coordinator, Act II Studio
ext. 6297

Mary Vourakes

Program Manager
ext. 543491

Real Institute

Ryerson University’s Real Institute offers leading-edge, customized curricula for clients from not-for-profit, governmental, corporate and academic institutions with specific English language acquisition needs. Based on an experiential, holistic approach to language learning, the Real Institute specializes in designing and developing customized curricula and extra-curricular activities to meet your institutional and sectoral needs. For many of our short to mid-term programs it is also possible to incorporate academic credit courses offered by the University.

David Begg

Interim Director
ext. 553631

Maria Casasfranco

Program Coordinator
ext. 552548

Sarah Gaikwad

Manager, Administration
ext. 557520

Saad Iqbal

Information Technology and Facilities Coordinator
ext. 543407

Aoling Nie

ext. 557588

Lynn Lingyin Shen

Student Transition Coordinator

Courtney Oreja

Programming Manager
ext. 544474

Spanning the Gaps – Access to Post-Secondary Education

The Spanning the Gaps – Access to Post-Secondary Education department is committed to playing a role in the Greater Toronto Area community by expanding educational opportunities; building educational capacity through programs such as Bridges to Ryerson, RUN, Road to Ryerson; and through Information and Academic Advising.

Maria Asuncion

Student Success Facilitator
ext. 543544

Tiffany Chiang

Academic Facilitator
ext. 543422

Sheena Ewan

Case Coordinator
ext. 4643

Kirsten Gaikwad

Program Advisor, International University Foundation Program
ext. 7568

Dalia Hanna

Interim Program Director
ext. 2619

Hirma Leon

Departmental Assistant
ext. 2291

Chris Munro

Program Advisor, Veterans’ Transition to Education
ext. 4098

Janice Pinto

Academic and Recruitment Advisor
ext. 3011

Elisa Traficante

Program Manager
ext. 7592

Teaching Support Services

The Teaching Support Services (Instructor Relations) office works with Chang School and Ryerson stakeholders to manage all aspects of an instructor’s relationship with The Chang School and Ryerson University. These include activities related to job postings, teaching contracts, orientation, communications, support services, and professional development.

Shannon Koumphol

ext. 557566

Kirsti Piironen

ext. 554530