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Administrative Offices

To reach staff by phone, dial the main number 416-979-5000 followed by their extension.

Business Development and Strategic Planning

The Business Development and Strategic Planning unit's mission is to support The Chang School's growth by focusing on mission-critical priorities that enhance the reach and experience of adult learners. We work with internal and external partners to design, develop, and deliver programs that help build workforce capacity and meet labour needs.

Dave Dalrymple

Academic Advisor
ext. 552734

Brigid Elmy

Special Projects Officer
ext. 6674

Elaine Lam

Executive Director
ext. 7870

Dijana Praskac

Research Analyst
ext. 2764

Pauline Ricablanca

Web Technology Analyst

Courtney Trott

Manager, LPP Instructional Design and Technology
ext. 2146

Feven Yared

Research Support
ext. 4280

Business Systems

Business Systems maintains the network, computer, and server infrastructure unique to The Chang School. It also supplements Ryerson's systems to meet the unique business needs of The Chang School and is responsible for the system that maintains this website.

Waqar Ahmed

Application and Web Developer
ext. 552772

Soumya Chatterjee

Application and Reporting Developer
ext. 556583

Parul Chaturvedi

Business Systems Analyst
ext. 553298

Hugh McPherson

Assistant Manager
ext. 557907

Linda Seewald

Database Administrator/Analyst
ext. 4270

Wendy Wang

Systems Administrator
ext. 557597

Serena Wong

ext. 556680

Client Support and Logistics

We are your first point of contact with The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. Our customer service representatives can assist you with many of the issues and tasks that face both current and prospective students.

Phone: 416-979-5035

Sandra Burgnich

Client Support Specialist
ext. 556996

Gloria DaBreo

Rapid Response Advisor
ext. 5035

Dan Ferguson

Rapid Response Team Coordinator
ext. 557818

Mira Grkavac

Rapid Response Advisor
ext. 554710

Adam Panacci

Client Support Specialist
ext. 554508

Camille Perrotte

Client Support Specialist
ext. 555346

Vonetta Sealy

Logistics Team Coordinator
ext. 556673

Chad Simon

Departmental Assistant
ext. 557530

Sherry-Ann Thomas

Client Support Team Coordinator
ext. 554509

Mansa Trotman

Logistics Specialist
ext. 557823

Debbie Wilk

Interim Manager
ext. 556975

Raymond Wong

Rapid Response Advisor
ext. 557819

Safia Yousuf

Student Assistant
ext. 544711

Dean's Office

This office includes the head of Ryerson University's G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, and deals primarily with inter- and intra-university relations as well as external relations with other organizations.

Phone: 416-979-5005

Krista Abramovic

Administrative Assistant, Financial Planning and Strategy, and Digital Education Strategies
ext. 2069

Tony Bates

Senior Advisor
ext. 3340

Brendan Curran

Community Relations and Special Projects Coordinator
ext. 5184

Gary Hepburn

ext. 5005

Sandra Mueller

Administrative Assistant, Facilities and Development
ext. 5182

Kathleen Painter

Administrative Assistant, Business Development and Strategic Planning
ext. 3450

Chanh Stevens

Manager, Administration
ext. 5005

Juliya Vasyliv

Project Coordinator, Academic Programs and Operations
ext. 554364

Digital Education Strategies

Digital Education Strategies (DES) is a leader in providing online learning solutions, creating web applications and sharing expertise in technology-enhanced education. We collaborate with the university and industry partners to develop engaging, high-quality online and blended courses for a diverse range of learners.


August Bourre

Production Editor, Digital Content
ext. 7403

Nadia Desai

Instructional Designer
ext. 4781

Anastasia Dimitriadou

Research Communication Writer
ext. 7014

Naza Djafarova

Program Director
ext. 7024

Ilya Emilianov

Coordinator, Instructor Support
ext. 2742

Cassandra Ferworn

Instructor Support Specialist
ext. 543446

Roberto Galluccio

Instructional Designer
ext. 7001

Greg Gay

Information Technology Accessibility Specialist
ext. 2061

Arturas Goloburdo

Multimedia Production Editor
ext. 2681

Bryan Ibeas

Web Editor
ext. 3776

Amirkiarash Kiani

Instructor Support

Igor Karasyov

Developer, Learning Materials
ext. 7871

Kelvin Kong

Production Editor, Digital Content
ext. 2865

Marcel Labrie

Instructional Designer
ext. 543446

Huong Lu

Instructional Designer
ext. 2547

John Murray

Instructional Designer
ext. 3709

Daniil Novikov

Creative Lead, Multimedia Production
ext. 4562

Patricia Ocampo

Production Editor, Digital Content
ext. 3777

Sushila Parikh

Project Coordinator
ext. 7874

Matthew Ralston

Application Developer
ext. 6682

Trent Rand

Instructor Support

Lars Svekis

Project Manager
ext. 4600

Kevin Tang

Instructor Support

Abhiramy Vairavanathan

Web Technology Analyst

Leonora Zefi

Manager, E-Learning Initiatives and Course Development
ext. 7389

Financial Planning and Strategy

Financial Planning and Strategy includes administrative activities related to financial matters such as procurement, invoicing, payables, payroll, and statistics.

Fred Anger

Executive Director
ext. 5307

Manny Aranas

ext. 6670

Rosetta Ho

Manager, Budgets and Projects
ext. 2060

Stanley Lui

Financial Analyst
ext. 4846

Gaurav Patel

Senior Financial Analyst
ext. 2161

Justin Tse

Senior Financial Analyst
ext. 7948

Marco Wong

Manager, Procurement, Performance Reporting and Analysis
ext. 2598

Peter Wong

Manager, Accounting and Business Analytics
ext. 6677

Marketing and Communications

This area provides publication, promotional, and other marketing-oriented services that support The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. This area is responsible for advertising, brand management, internal and external communications, courses and programs content, customer relationship management, media relations, promotions, publications, social media marketing, special events, and The Chang School website.

Christina Abraham

Marketing Coordinator-Editor
ext. 4096

Hayley Alexander

Marketing Specialist
ext. 6695

Marilou Cruz

ext. 4670

Sarah Denomey

Digital Marketing Coordinator
ext. 543543

Barbara Dowdye

Promotions and Events Coordinator
ext. 6669

Sarah Lysecki

Digital Experience Content Strategist
ext. 2145

Karen Murray

Marketing Specialist
ext. 7569

Tammy Scherer

Production Editor
ext. 3414

Yi Xiang

Web Designer/Developer


This area is responsible for operational planning, streamlining and process management, service delivery, program and client support, customer service, technology and facilities management.

Fred Anger

Executive Director
ext. 5307

Ashley Lau

Administrative Coordinator, Client Services