New in 2020/2021

The Chang School has launched the following new programs for the 2020/2021 academic year.


Practical Data Science and Machine Learning

This certificate builds on the technical skills covered in the Certificate in Data Analytics, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics. Alternatively, students may have acquired the quantitative background necessary through industry experience or equivalent. The domains of data analytics, big data, and predictive analytics are recognized as having significant and growing societal importance to organizational performance. The Certificate in Practical Data Science and Machine Learning will cover practical application of the most current tools rather than theoretical knowledge, and will not overlap with the existing Data Science and Analytics Masters Program at Ryerson. In applied virtual data science labs, these courses instruct adult learners in the Python programming language and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to give them practical, hands-on, technical skills and to enable them to implement their own analytic approaches to querying big data, unstructured data, visual data, social media data, semi-structured data, and disparate data sets.

Introduction to Community Services

This four-course, fully online certificate will introduce adult learners to the foundational knowledge and skills required to enter the community services sector. Students will have the opportunity to customize their learning experience according to their specific goals and interests by choosing electives from streams that include food security, aging and gerontology, and community engagement, or exploring the field more broadly. The selection of university degree-credit courses will enable students to ladder into other certificates to help them reach their academic and professional goals.

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is a growing field relevant to the sustainability and planning of cities and regions. This four-course certificate equips you with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to address global food system problems in local and global contexts. You’ll learn about the many dimensions and different types of urban agriculture, as well as explore policy and governance issues for the effective development of urban agriculture systems.

Nursing and Interprofessional Healthcare Leadership and Management

Designed for healthcare professionals who are looking to move into a leadership or management role, this four-course certificate will build knowledge and skills in healthcare services leadership using the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework and related theories and concepts. Students will gain and apply skills to solve practical leadership or management issues, enhance partnerships within healthcare organizations and government, and improve healthcare service delivery, planning, and evaluation.

Course Series

Colour Management Systems

Companies choose brand and product colours to enhance recognition and gain advantage in the marketplace, and accurate, consistent print and digital output is essential. In these three courses, students will gain a fundamental understanding of colour and colour management systems, and learn how to effectively manage colour across different platforms for both print and packaging employing standard industry practices, tools, and procedures. Each course will combine theory with hands-on experiential learning using state-of-the art colour management labs.

Business – Blockchain for Business

This course series prepares professionals with essential knowledge of how blockchain technology works and how to apply it effectively to solve business problems. Students will learn about the mechanics of blockchain technology, its various business applications and implications, and key issues surrounding blockchain technology from a regulation and governance perspective.

Business – Cannabis Essentials

Designed and delivered by industry experts, these three courses prepare adult learners with the business, regulatory, and plant science fundamentals that will help them start their own cannabis business or join an expanding team. Successfully complete two of the three courses and earn a Professional Development Award.

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