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Course Drops

Students are held responsible for the payment of tuition fees for all courses in which they enrol. If you find it necessary to drop a course, you should ensure that you officially drop the course within the published deadline dates (see Important Dates). Failure to drop a course that you do not complete will result in a failed grade on your official transcript. This grade will be included in all grade point average (GPA) calculations.

Official course drops are accepted in the following ways:

Notifying the instructor of the intention to drop or not attending classes does not constitute an official drop. However, we strongly urge you to inform your instructors as a courtesy. Official drops by the posted deadlines will prevent a failing grade from appearing on your official transcript.

Course Swaps

You can swap from one course to another within the same term, provided the enrolment deadline has not passed, if there is space available and enrolment requirements are met.

You can swap online via RAMSS at or in person at the ServiceHub located in the Podium building, room POD-150. For step-by-step instructions, visit RAMSS Support.

Withdrawal From a Certificate Program

If you are not planning to continue in your Chang School certificate program, obtain and complete the Certificate Program Withdrawal Form found in Forms and Documents. Submit the form either in person to the Registrar’s Office Client Services at the ServiceHub (Podium, 1st floor, 350 Victoria Street), by mail to the return address on the form, or by email to

Withdrawing from the certificate program does not withdraw you from courses in which you are enrolled in that term. Courses must be dropped separately. If you would also like to withdraw from course(s), please refer to Course Drops above.

If you are in a certificate and would like to transfer to another certificate, this can be done through RAMSS; no withdrawal is required. Certificate Program Withdrawal Forms received after the academic drop deadline will not be processed until after that term is completed. All certificate transactions (registration, transfer, and withdrawal) are reflected on the student’s academic record.