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Ryerson University Now (RUN) Program

The Ryerson University Now (RUN) program aims to encourage high school students and community members to participate in post-secondary education by offering them a credit course from The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education.

The goal is to motivate these students to consider post-secondary education as a genuine option by making it familiar, accessible, non-threatening, and successful.

Many of our students come from environments where there is no one who can provide information, assistance, or encouragement with respect to the possibilities of post-secondary education. We aim to change the “culture of expectation” with respect to both completing high school and pursuing post-secondary education, and aim to provide information and supports to enable success through this path. As continuing education students, RUN participants receive a Ryerson student card and have access to all of the supports and services available to continuing education students.

In each case, we try to match the interests and needs of the schools/students with appropriate Ryerson courses. The courses are taught by the same Ryerson faculty who typically teach our degree students. Courses are offered in high schools, community agencies, or on campus. All students are given opportunities to come to Ryerson, and are encouraged to use the library and other facilities. In addition, students have access to the “Information” area of Spanning the Gaps, which means they can receive one-to-one help and advice in choosing the best post-secondary fit for their particular aptitudes, interests, and circumstances. A large number of RUN students have gone on to enrol in some form of post-secondary education.

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If this program sounds like a good fit for your community agency, please contact us.

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