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Course Outlines at Ryerson University

Ryerson University’s Course Management Policy 166 (PDF) requires CECLs to provide students with a course outline in their first class and details the information that the outline must include.

Does your course outline:

  • direct your students to the University’s academic policies?
  • include a breakdown of how students will be evaluated?
  • provide information on penalties for plagiarism and student academic misconduct?

Guide to Course Outlines and a Suggested Template (PDF) contains information on creating your course outline and course management principles at Ryerson. If you have questions regarding your course outline, refer to 'Creating a Course Outline' in Module 2 of the CECL Handbook or contact your academic coordinator or Chang School program director.

Please note that CECLs teaching business courses in the Ted Rogers School of Management must use the course outline provided by the Chang School Business Program Area.

To request a course outline template that you can use to customize your Chang School course outline, contact

To submit your current course outline to Chang School Program Support, email