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Final Grades and End-of-Term Responsibilities

As the Summer 2019 teaching term comes to a close, we would like to highlight your end-of-term responsibilities.

Online Final Grade Reporting

Grades Deadline

The deadline for submitting grades for Spring 2019 Chang School courses is 4:00 p.m. on Friday, August 16. Failure by a CECL to submit their grades by the Registrar’s deadline shall be deemed to be just cause for non issuance of any subsequent appointments.

Access to RAMSS

Final grades are submitted to Student Records online through RAMSS, which is accessible through Go to Supported Browsers to confirm your browser is compatible. If you have not yet activated your online identity, contact Kirsti Piironen at or 416-979-5000, ext. 4530, immediately. Issuance of official final grades is the responsibility of The Registrar, and final grades may not be posted or otherwise disclosed to students.

Posting Grades

The “Record Grades” icon and function on RAMSS will be activated for online submission of Summer 2019 grades on Monday, July 29, 2019. Once grades have been submitted and “Approved” by you, they will be posted at regular intervals by Student Records until Monday, August 12. As long as your grade roster remains “Not reviewed,” you can change your grades until the deadline. At 4:00 p.m. on August 16, all grades, including those with a status of “Not reviewed,” will be pulled from the grade rosters for posting. Please advise your students that they should be able to view their Summer 2019 grades online through RAMSS on Wednesday, August 21.

Grade Changes

Once grades are posted by Student Records, and after August 17, all grade changes (with some exceptions) can be submitted using the online grade revision process. See Automated Grade Revision Process for detailed instructions. Please also review the Automated Grade Revision Process – Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Grading in D2L Brightspace

Post final exam marks in the Grade Centre. You must submit your final grades directly into RAMSS. Before converting your marks to letter grades and submitting them to RAMSS, please confirm that you have made the appropriate changes to your D2L Brightspace grades so that the marks (weightings, percentages, etc.) in your course are accurately calculated (see FAQ in You can set up your D2L course shell so that RAMSS can ‘fetch’ the final grades and allow you to approve them. For detailed instructions, see D2L Fetch from RAMSS for Final Calculated Grades.

Detailed Instructions

For details on how to submit your grades online through RAMSS, go to the online instructions at How to Enter Grades, contact or 416-979-5000, ext. 2292, or contact or 416-979-5000, ext. 4530.

Guidelines for Issuing DEF, INC, and FNA Grades

All students listed in your grade roster must receive a grade. There are three performance designations that Chang School CECLs can use.

The DEF (deferred) grade designation is an interim grade assigned by the Academic Integrity and Student Records Offices during the investigation of academic misconduct (as described in the Student Code of Academic Conduct).

An INC (incomplete) grade must be requested from the CECL by a student in writing and must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student fails to either submit term work or write the final exam due to medical or compassionate grounds. In either situation, students must provide the appropriate written, signed documentation to the university before an INC is assigned. (Refer to Missed Mid-Term and Final Exam Procedure.) A student who does not provide this documentation should be assigned a zero grade on the assignment or final exam.
  2. The student’s term work is of at least passing performance, and the outstanding work or makeup final exam, if completed, may result in a passing grade.
  3. The student must complete the missed term work or write the makeup final exam as soon as possible and by the date specified by the CECL, no longer than three (3) months after the submission of the incomplete (INC) grade. Students should be discouraged from writing a makeup final exam at the end of the following term.

Within seven working days of receiving a student’s request for an INC and their supporting documentation, CECLs granting an INC grade must provide the student with an Incomplete Grade Update Form (available from Forms for Faculty and Administrators) which includes a written statement of outstanding work to be completed and the date by which it must be completed or the date of the makeup final exam. The CECL should retain a copy signed by the student for their records. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they complete the required components by the due dates. Once they have assessed the submitted work, the CECL must complete the grade update portion of the form and submit it to their Chang School program director for authorization; the program director will then send the form to ESSR for processing. As per the current academic policy, INC grades not cleared within the three (3) months will lapse to an F grade.

An FNA (failure, non-attendance) grade is assigned to a student who has been absent from most course meetings and/or has submitted no work for grading, or when a student abandons a course without completing a formal withdrawal with ESSR prior to established deadline dates. If you have returned graded work to a student and they abandon the course without formally withdrawing with ESSR, they will receive a grade based on their work to date (often but not always an F).

Note: CECLs must not use INP (in progress) as this is a grade used exclusively for courses with continuous enrolment, nor an AEG (aegrotat) which is only issued by the Office of the Dean.

Student Appeals

Students have the right to file a grade appeal if they feel that an error has been made in arriving at their final grade. In an effort to minimize student appeals, please use the following checklist in assigning grades:

  • Assignments, tests, and exams follow the grade breakdown specified in the course outline.
  • All assignments and tests are properly evaluated and final grade calculations are accurate.
  • Marginal or failed examinations have been reread.
  • Accurate grades have been submitted to Enrolment Services and Student Records through RAMSS.
  • A summary breakdown of grades has been submitted to your program director.
  • Your program director has been advised of how they can contact you (if you will not be returning to teach in The Chang School).
  • Your program director has been advised that a student is planning to file a grade appeal.

Retaining Student Work

Due to space limitations, assignments and examinations cannot be left for student pickup or stored in The Chang School offices. Please securely retain students’ examinations and/or assignments and all student communications in your home or office. Students’ final examinations and/or major assignments must be stored securely for a full year after the end of the term. A limited amount of secure storage space has been allocated at The Chang School for this purpose. If you would like to store your final exams from last year in the Chang School, you will need to do the following:

  • Place the exams in a bankers box or another sturdy cardboard box of equivalent dimensions (L 16" x W 13" x H 10").
  • Seal the box with packing tape and label the box with the Term and Year, Course Code and Section, and CECL name and contact telephone number.
  • Make an appointment via to bring the box to storage.

The Chang School will not provide the labour required to bring the box to the basement of Heaslip House. After the requisite year has passed, your exams will be shredded in a secure manner.

Please contact your program director or Kirsti Piironen ( or 416-979-5000, ext. 4530) if you have any questions.