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Dramatic Arts

Embark on journeys of self-discovery, explore new methods of self-expression, find encore careers, and use your life experience to create impactful and entertaining theatre.

Programs for 50+ is home to an active theatre community that provides adults over 50 with training and performance opportunities. Students from all walks of life and all levels of experience participate in a positive, supportive community in which they can learn, create, and perform.

The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO

The Estelle Craig ACT II STUDIO is a prominent leader in the area of older adult theatre education. ACT II STUDIO boasts an extensive curriculum and first-rate professional faculty, allowing older adults to study acting, directing, or playwriting in a creative and nurturing environment.

ACT II STUDIO’s unique, non-credited curriculum encourages students to engage in artistically unique work that illuminates social and health issues and challenges stereotypes about aging.

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In the News

ACT II STUDIO’s I’m Still Here, a research-based drama on living with dementia, was recently featured in a discussion on CFRB’s Jerry Agar Show. Listen to the audio clip below.


You can take part in the planning, growth, and development of ACT II STUDIO through act2studioWORKS.

act2studioWORKS is a non-profit organization created by ACT II STUDIO students. It provides financial and production support for ACT II STUDIO. act2studioWORKS raises funds by creating opportunities to perform plays outside of the university community.

Each year, act2studioWORKS presents high-calibre performances that raise awareness about pressing social issues such as isolation, dementia, elder abuse, equity, cancer, and aging.

Visit the act2studioWORKS website for more information.


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