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Ryerson Student OneCard

As a Chang School student, you can purchase a Student OneCard, Ryerson University’s official photo ID card.

Your Student OneCard displays your name, photo, student number, library bar code, and status at the university (Chang School student).

Why Get a OneCard?

OneCards are not mandatory for Chang School students, but carrying one has its benefits:

  • Your OneCard serves as official Ryerson student identification.
  • You may access resources through the library like borrowing books, equipment, and more.
  • You can access software discounts at the Campus Store.
  • You can load money onto the card to easily purchase food while on campus, to make purchases at the Campus Store, and to use photocopiers or printers.

To be eligible for a Student OneCard, you must be registered and enrolled for a course in the current academic term.

Visit the Student OneCard website for more information and to apply for your OneCard.

Library Card

If you don’t want to purchase a Student OneCard but still want to borrow items from the Ryerson Library, you can apply for a free Library Card.

Visit the Library & Archives website for more information.