New Students

Thank you for choosing Ryerson University’s Chang School, Canada’s leading provider of university-based adult education.

We provide access to university-level and degree-credit courses for all adult learners, regardless of previous experience. Enrolment for most courses is offered on an open admissions basis, providing convenient access to university classes no matter where you live or work.

The Chang School extends Ryerson University’s academic resources to adults interested in professional development or eventual application to a degree program. If you plan to transfer credits back to your home institution, use your credits to gain entry to a Ryerson degree program (subject to space availability and competition), or if you require more information.

How to Enrol as a New Student

Step One: Obtain a Ryerson University Student Number

To enrol online, you must first request a Ryerson University Student Number.

Step Two: Find a Course

Find the course you’re interested in using our Course Search or by browsing our website.

The Chang School holds Open House sessions to help you make informed decisions about your chosen program. Meet with course and program representatives to receive practical advice that will help you plan your academic path.

Step Three: Before Enrolment

Once you have found a course, review the course information to check for the following:

  • admissions requirements or prerequisites for the course (prerequisites, if any, are listed above each course description)
  • course availability

Check Important Dates to see what important dates you need to consider before (and after) enrolling in a course (e.g., enrolment periods, withdrawal deadlines, etc.).

Check Fees, Awards and Financial Assistance, and Policies for information on paying course fees, obtaining financial aid, awards, and adhering to The Chang School’s academic policies.

If you are interested in registering in a certificate, you should register in the certificate at the beginning of your first course (see also Courses and Programs FAQ). For complete details on the advantages of early registration, registration deadlines, and Transfer Credit restrictions, visit Certificate Registration.

Step Four: Enrol in a Course

Enrol in person, by mail, or online. Visit How to Enrol in a Course for detailed instructions.

More Information

The Enrolment FAQ explains the enrolment process in chronological order and deals with topics ranging from interviews, placement assessments, and important dates to classroom lookup and buying books.

Services and Support

The services and support available to Chang School students include academic, employment, financial, health and recreation, and housing and food services.

Academic and Career Advising

Academic and career advisors are available to assist you as you chart your academic path and plan your future.

Need Help?

If you require more information, or assistance in finding a course, contact The Chang School at 416-979-5035 or